I am Rob Stacey, a Software Engineer from Essex in the UK, though I work in and around Cambridge. I'm interested in a variety of areas within computer science including AI, distributed AI, Agent Technologies, Evolutionary computing, Information Retrieval and Semantic Search along with more applied areas such as distributed systems and parallel computing. My PhD is in Agent based Sensor Networks and deals with creating a logical overlay network that can be used by higher level applications. I can work in a variety of languages though the main ones are C++, Python, Java, and Erlang.

I'm currently working at Evi (formerly True Knowledge) running the platform team, we develop both the core Knowledge Engine that solves semantic queries and the Evi platform that supports the conversation you can have with her - check out the app (iOS | android).

At Evi I have dealt with large DB schema migration projects as well as implementing both low level C++ optimisations and caching strategies to improve the system performance. I've dealt with scaling the Evi platform to serve millions of queries and support all her users, we solve interesting and hard problems everyday! My team works on both answering requests and data ingestion at Evi.

I have many interests outside of my work, I am interested with working with optimisation algorithms particularly evolutionary methods and computational intelligence. I also make websites occasionally if I'm given a good cause and have the time, and I've also written a few extensions to the Wordpress blogging platform.

As part of my PhD research I have also worked in the predictive maintenance industry and worked on distributed embedded condition monitoring applications and management systems that are capable of predicting systems failure.

I like to work on distributed solutions to problems so that scaling becomes easy though only when that type of solution is appropriate - it's just that it most often is.

I am an F1 fan though I don't get to go to many races. I also take part in the occasional RP campaign. There's a selection of links at the bottom of the page so if you want to get in touch you've got no excuse.


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  • EMail - hello [at] robstacey.com
  • Skype - rpstac